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Hoodman HCKP - Cinema Kit Pro


Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro for Video & LiveView DSLRs. The Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro allows you to fully use the possibilities of your DSLR's video functions. It contains HoodLoupe display loupe, HoodCrane holder and HoodMag eye cup.HoodLoupe 3.0 The Hoodloupe 3.0 is perfect for press or nature photographers who want to see their photo right after taking it. The image is very sharp and crystal clear.HoodCrane Hoodman HoodCrane allows you to firmly attach the Hoodloupe to almost any DSLR camera without shifting or dangling. In this way you always have both hands free for handling the camera. You can adjust Hoodcrane in any direction, so that the position of Hoodloupe can be adapted to any camera's dimensions.HoodMag This eyecup for Hoodman Hoodlupe makes it easier to film with video DSLRs or to check pictures you have just shot.

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199,00 € tax incl.
(164,46 € tax excl.)

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  • Kit includes HoodLoupe 3.0
  • HoodMag 3.0 
  • HoodCrane 
  • Mounts to hot shoe 
  • For DSLR Video Capture