Live streaming made easy - Mevo Start is the easy all-in-one solution to share your content with the world.

If it is worth sharing, then it is worth sharing right

Mevo Start is specially designed to stream live events and long videos. The camera can handle simultaneous streams and recordings up to 1080p.

With the Mevo App you can edit your broadcasts live on your smartphone. Pan from guest to guest, zoom in on important details, crop, cut from one shot to another and much more!

With the Mevo App, users can share their live streams on all major streaming platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more - the camera is even NDI compatible. The app also allows you to adjust aspects like brightness, contrast, exposure, sharpness and white balance.

For additional flexibility, Mevo Start also has an image flip option. The camera has three digital MEMS microphones with a high signal-to-noise ratio to ensure the quality of your sound recordings. A 3.5mm connector is located on the rear panel for both line level and microphone audio. In addition, Mevo Start can be attached to ordinary microphone stands or tripods. The Mevo Start has a slim, compact design thanks to its lightweight, barely eight-centimeter tall body.

Stream anytime, anywhere with the new Mevo Start live event camera!

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