Atomos Spyder Colour Calibration Unit


Atomos Spyder is the world's first portable and most affordable colour calibration unit. Combined with an Atomos field recorder* Spyder enables users to colour calibrate their monitor anywhere, anytime in three easy steps.

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Accurate colours at the camera saves time and money in post.

Monitors drift in colour and traditionally only expensive monitors can be calibrated. Atomos have partnered with DataColor in the development of the Atomos Spyder colour calibration unit to empower users with an extremely affordable and portable system. Spyder is compatible with Atomos field recorders* providing colour calibration in three easy steps to the Rec709 with D65 white point. AtomOS within the field recorder then allows for user adjustment to Gamma, Y-level and Y-gain.
The combination of Atomos' Samurai Blade and Spyder gives users the most portable and affordable visually loss-less field recorder, calibrated monitor and playback device system available. Trust your colours when filming and ensure your images are recorded in pristine high-definition, ready to edit.
Atomos Spyder - Quick Facts:
  • Portable and affordable colour calibration unit for Atomos field recorders* with compatibility for other monitors**
  • Developed in partnership with DataColor
  • Provides calibration to Rec709 with D65 White Point in three easy steps
  • Allows for calibration anywhere, anytime
  • Software support for Mac and PC

Atomos recommend calibration every two weeks to ensure an accurate colour profile.
*Compatible with Samurai Blade from release. Support for Ninja-2 and Samurai is expected to be available Q1 2014.
**software license purchase from DataColor required.