Atomos PowerStation Video


Patented Continuous Power dual battery system allows batteries to be hot swapped ensuring you will never be without power in the field. VIDEO EDITION!

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479,00 € TTC
(395,87 € HT)

Disponible rapide (habituellement 3 - 5 jours).

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• Revolutionary Continous Power System
• 3 D + 2 USB Outs to power devices
• Super Fast Dual Charger
• 5200mAh Battery x 2 (NP770 N,L series compatible)
• 12V 3A - AC Adaptor

• Shogun DC to DC Cable

• Canon 5D MKIII battery adaptor

• Sony A7S, FS100/700 battery adaptor
• Panasonic GH4 battery adaptor
• Nikon D800 battery adaptor
• 6 x Velco cable management loops