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Libec Swift Jib 50 Kit - Telescopic Jib Arm with Tripod


The Libec Swift JIB50 Kit is equipped with a telescopic arm that can be easily adjusted by simply turning and adjusting the arm's lock levers. In addition, the jib can be retracted at both ends. This SWIFT JIB50 is smooth, portable, lightweight and offers all-around support. It is designed to accommodate every shooting scenario including small indoor and outdoor spaces for detailed and wide-angle shots. All black color, including tripod and dolly. Standard kit of the SWIFT JIB50 comes with carrying cases for each item: jib arm, tripod and dolly.

  • Libec Swift JB-50 Jib Arm
  • T102B Heavy Duty Tripod Legs
  • DL-8B Heavy Duty Broadcast Dolly
  • 3 x Carrying Cases

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3 938,55 € incl. BTW
(3 255,00 € excl. BTW)

Leverbaar binnen 2 - 3 weken.

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Ball diameter100mm (3.93")
Payload20kg / 44.0lb (Main arm length: 100cm / 39.37")
 15kg / 33.0lb (Main arm length: 145cm / 57.0")
 10kg / 22.0lb (Main arm length: 190cm / 74.8")
Main arm length100 to 190cm / 39.37" to 74.8"
Weight16.4kg / 36.1lb