DATAVIDEO TP-700 - Universal Large Screen Prompter Kit


The TP-700 teleprompter, can be used with ENG style cameras, where the camera is mounted directly to the teleprompter rig, or with any camera in its freestanding configuration.

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Supports Talent Monitors

The TP-700 supports up to 19” talent monitors with VESA 75mm and 100mm mounts, ideal for use with our TLM-170 series monitors.

Built in Teleprompter application

The TP-700 features a bright 15” 4:3 LCD screen with the powerful dvPrompter Plus application built in, there is no need to run software on a laptop.

Built in Teleprompter application

Easy control and monitoring via Ethernet

Control and monitor the prompter over a local network using any device with a modern web browser, Load, reload and control scripts over a local network.

Synchronize multiple units via HDMI or IP

Connect multiple TP-700s together using the HDMI input and output or use IP synchronisation over Ethernet.

The HDMI input also allows the 15” LCD screen to be used as a HDMI monitor with third party software if required. The HDMI output can also be used to drive external displays.

Powerful rich text editor

You can remotely change the font size, type, colour and justification on a per script basis and even use multiple different fonts within a single script.
The editor also has support for embedding images and creating playlists from multiple scripts.

TP-700 Powerful rich text editor

P2P Interview Configuration

When using two TP-700 together in a P2P (Peer to Peer) interview configuration, the interviewer and the interviewee are able to look directly into the camera lens while still seeing and looking directly at an image of each other. This equates to a natural one-on-one interview style which is also (because of the direct eye contact) much more involving for the audience.  When the interviewer asks a question, he or she is looking right into the eyes of the viewer. When the interviewee answers the question, he or she is also looking directly into the eyes of the audience and in essence giving his or her answers to them.

Datavideo TP-700 P2P Interview Configuration